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One Year of Mayhem

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Last week marked the one year mark of Lilly being a member of our family. I don’t remember exactly how I came up with the name Lilly for her. Maybe I knew more than I realized, because lately I have suggested that Lilly is actually short for Little Miss Mayhem. She still has very much a kitten’s personality and energy… Read more »

The Illogical Logic of Being Anti-Trans

June is Pride Month.  While we should support equal rights for all people regardless of their sexual and/ or gender orientation year round, it’s especially important to increase our understanding of the issues these folks face this month. So, today I’m taking on a question about transgender people specifically that’s bugged me for a while now.  That is the notion… Read more »

No Service?

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I’ve seen a new trend that I don’t like one bit.  More and more people are opting to have no services of any kind after they pass on. I understand not everyone is religious, so a church funeral – or clergy led service of any kind- may not be wanted.  I also understand that a full on traditional visitation, funeral… Read more »

Work It?

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I have joked a lot about figuring out what “What I want to be when I grow up”.  I was told a very long time ago that if you didn’t figure it out by the time you turn 50 you don’t have to.  Well, I turned 50 in December. I guess I don’t have to figure anything out! But all… Read more »