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I’m on a Soapbox!

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Today let’s take a break from politics and the pandemic and all the other awful things that are all around us.  Today let’s talk about something totally within your control that can make your life better immediately. I’m here to preach the gospel of showering at night.  I’m on a literal soapbox! Most of us started out our lives being… Read more »

Green Eggs and Idiots

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This week was an exciting one in the world of the easily angered.   The Q crowd had yet another letdown when none of the predictions made for March 4th happened.   Andrew Cuomo apparently has no idea how to interact with women.  Hasbro isn’t really dropping the name Mr. Potato Head, but people thought they were and lost their minds for… Read more »

The Bar Just Keeps Getting Lower

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I had really hoped that between the public backlash against the January 6th riots and Joe Biden being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States that some semblance of normalcy could come back to American politics.  That we’d stop having to deal with friends and relatives who had bought into some of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories… Read more »

Calling all Republicans!

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We are only days away from Biden’s inauguration and I continue to see article after article stating that anywhere from 50% to 80% of Republicans think the election was rigged and / or stolen from Trump. Polls are not always accurate for a wide variety of reasons.  The number of people polled might be too small.  The demographics of the… Read more »

This Flag is Your Flag, This Flag is My Flag

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I have stated many, many times that I do not identify as a member of either political party.  It is true that I am/ was a firm Anti Trumper, but let’s face it – Trump is a Republican in the same way that I’m a blonde.  It’s not my natural state, but I was one for quite a while and… Read more »