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5 Things You Think are in the Bible That Really Aren’t

Part of me really hates doing blogs about the Bible.  I have friends who are not Christians and I know I’m leaving them on the side of the road on these. I am somewhat comforted by the Old Testament being a sacred text for folks of the Jewish and Muslim faiths as well as the Christians do.  Also, I don’t… Read more »


      No Comments on Freedom?

Since the pandemic started there have been all kinds of calls for “freedom”.  Freedom to not wear a mask.  Freedom to not get vaccinated.  Freedom to thumb your nose at any and all public safety measures that cause even the tiniest bit of inconvenience.  Some of them went so far as to bust out the “My Body, My Choice” line. … Read more »

No Ranching Zone

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There is a disturbing trend going on that needs to be stopped.  Good food everywhere is being ruined by the presence of one goopy, unpleasant addition. I’m talking about ranch dressing.  It’s bad enough that people put that awful substance on actual salads, but in recent times it’s been spotted all over the food spectrum. I have no idea why… Read more »

Diamonds are Forever?

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Jewelry.  What every woman wants.  Right? Of course not.  But that’s what you’d think if you have been watching TV, picked up a newspaper or magazine, or even read a billboard or two while driving down the road. To be perfectly clear, I have nothing against jewelry.  I own quite a bit, even though I don’t wear much of it… Read more »

Conspiracy Theories – Sports Edition

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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- the problem with most conspiracy theories is overconfidence in the ability of the group in question. 9 times out of 10 that group is the government in some form.  I’ve already written about why the “we never went to the moon” theory is full of holes here      and I’ve… Read more »

Gifts for Who?

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Like most of the rest of you I have a few folks on my list that are difficult to shop for.   Because of this I’ve been reading a lot of gift guides online.  And most of them are ridiculous. I found two specifically called “great gifts for brothers in law”.  One had nothing on it under $100.  Who is spending… Read more »