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Happy thoughts!

Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day

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Here’s one for the Gen Xers out there. Yes, many of us are now wearing bifocals.  And there are plenty more folks who should, but are resisting for one reason or another. Regardless of your current age or eyewear situation, today is a great day to look up when your last eye exam was, and get one scheduled if it’s… Read more »

Who Sent You?

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Last summer when Lilly first showed up on our doorstep a lot of people commented that Hershey sent her (For the newcomers, Hershey was my husband’s cat who passed on last winter at the age of 18 1/2 and the poster child for this post). Originally I laughed that off.  Even if I did believe that a dearly departed cat… Read more »

National Underwear Day

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Today is National Underwear Day! The organizers of this day suggest that to celebrate you should go about your daily routine in nothing but your clean underwear (yes, the “clean” part is specifically mentioned).  If you are currently working from home I suppose this is pretty doable.  However, those of us who are working around other humans, maybe just wear… Read more »

French Fry Day

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I’ve probably written about this one before, but I don’t care. Today is French Fry Day!  A day to celebrate that most lovely of potato creations! Whether you prefer yours with just salt, of if you like to dip yours in a chocolate shake, ketchup, ranch, or anything else, today is the day to enjoy a helping of your favorites!