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So, after several months of blogger’s block I finally got inspiration from the oddest of places- Twitter. And what’s the topic? “What is a conservative?”

This may seem like an odd topic for a self-professed moderate Independent. But I grew up in a very conservative family. My uncle was Minnesota First District Republication chairman for several years and in fact was a delegate to the 1988 National Convention in New Orleans. Both he and my father are elders in their church, Army veterans, and active member of their county Republican caucus. Coming from this background I do take it a bit personally when I see some of the awful things people write about about conservatives. To me they aren’t attacking some random, nameless group- they are attacking my loved ones.


Myth #1. All conservatives hate women.


Fact: My father has a wife, 2 daughters, a granddaughter, a sister and 2 nieces. I can assure you he doesn’t hate any of us nor any of his female neighbors, co-workers, or any other woman he knows.


I vividly recall being about 12 years old and having my dad tell me that men and women were different, but equal. I don’t recall what started the conversation but I remember that he was adamant that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do solely because of my gender.


Myth #2. All conservatives are against any form of birth control.


Fact: This might be the dumbest one I’ve ever heard. I only know a couple people who are totally opposed to birth control and even my dad thinks they are nuts.


My mother almost died from a blood clot when I was 3 years old and at that time my parents made the decision that they were done having children. And my dad hasn’t spent the past 37 years wringing his hands over this. Nor does he lay awake nights worried that his oldest daughter (me) has not had any children. He respects the decision I and many others have made to be childless by choice.


Myth #3. All conservatives are racists.


Fact: This is one that really really ticks me off. This is also an issue that I am personally more on the conservative end of the spectrum on.

Wanting the USA to actually be able to control who comes across our borders and punish people who do so illegally don’t make you racist. I don’t care if you are a blond with blue eyes from Canada, if you are here illegally you should be send home COD. And on the flip side, I don’t care if you are from the dark side of the moon and have green skin and antenna, if you are in the USA legally with honorable intentions I welcome you.

I could go on and on, but I shall refrain. One of the things I know my dad hates is being the center of attention unnecessarily.

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  1. Stacy's ramblings

    Amen, amen, amen. I could not have said any of this better. The racist thing really pisses me off… because we may not have voted for BHO, we're automatically racist? I couldn't care less what the man looks like. I don't like his politics and that's what I vote on.


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