Diamonds are Forever?

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Jewelry.  What every woman wants.  Right?

Of course not.  But that’s what you’d think if you have been watching TV, picked up a newspaper or magazine, or even read a billboard or two while driving down the road.

To be perfectly clear, I have nothing against jewelry.  I own quite a bit, even though I don’t wear much of it very often.  Everyone should wear what makes them happy.  What I hate are jewelry ads.

Virtually all jewelry ads imply that women will love their husbands/  boyfriends more if they buy them large, sparkling trinkets to wear.   That women are easily swayed by expensive gifts.  That women are materialistic and shallow.

I am none of those things.  The vast majority of the women I know aren’t any of those things either.   What your partner does for you day in and day out shows your love many times over the amount that any one gift ever could.  Men AND women are aware of this.  It’s a pity whoever is creating the ads for jewelry companies never got the memo.


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