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Several weeks ago actress Lena Dunham made headlines when she announced she would be taking some time out of the spotlight to get treatment for her endometriosis.    She was widely praised for being so open about a condition that some folks still find hard to discuss in public.

I’m sure she didn’t, but if Lena had decided to read the comment section of any of the news articles on this story I’d like to think she would have had the same reaction I did.  That being “What the *** ???”   Why did I have that reaction?  Because the prevailing theory was that, no matter what, Lena should NOT have a hysterectomy.   I am 99% sure none of these folks were doctors- in fact, one actual OB/GYN tried to comment and was run off because he was a man and therefore had no idea what he was talking about.

I had a vested interest in this topic because I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago.  I didn’t have endometriosis I had enormous fibroids. Yes, there were other options on the table, but my doctor and I decided that a hysterectomy was the best course of action for me.   I did have a couple friends ask me if was really sure I wanted to go that route since I don’t have any kids.  I appreciated their concern, but I was confident that my doctor did have my best interests at heart in spite of being born male.   In fact, he commented how frustrating it was for him that there is a sentiment out there that women are being forced into surgeries they don’t need when the exact opposite is true.  Many women who don’t need hysterectomies want to have one!  If you poll 10 women over 30 I believe you’ll find that’s the case.

I’m currently going through tests to determine if my gallbladder will need to come out.  Once again, I’m going to go with the recommendations of my doctor on the treatment that will be best for me.  Lena seems like a smart woman, so I’m sure she is doing the same thing.


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