National Brothers and Sisters Day

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Today is the day to celebrate your siblings! I have one sister.  She is three years younger than me and almost entirely unlike me in any way.   She’s calm and laid back.  She drives enormous vehicles.  She has children.  Our politics are different.  Our taste in foods differ.  Our taste in entertainment differs. But in spite of all of this,… Read more »

That’s not an Insult

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Calling someone “woke” is supposed to be an insult.  Supposedly it’s someone who’s out of touch and living in some kind of fantasy land. That is hilarious. People who don’t think the LGBTQ community deserve human rights are the ones who are out of touch.  People who think women don’t deserve full bodily autonomy are ones who are out of… Read more »

Celebrating Boots

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I’ve been talking/ writing about my dearly departed Pumpkin and the always surprising Lilly (aka Lil’ Miss Mayhem) a lot, but today we are going to talk about my BFF Boots. Last week we marked Boot’s 6th “Gotcha Day”.  For those unfamiliar, Gotcha Day is the day you adopted/ “got” your fur baby and is the alternative for when you… Read more »