Freedom of Information Day

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Given the current testimony coming out of the Dominion vs. Fox “News” case, this is an important day to recognize. As Americans we have the right to know what our government is doing (with the exception of items of national security).  We also have come to expect that news outlets- especially well known, national ones – will also access this… Read more »

I’m Tired

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To put in mildly the weather the last few weeks has been up and down here in north Iowa.   We’ve had blizzard warnings, flood warnings, clear skies with sunshine, and winds from every direction.  Sometimes it felt we had all of them in a 24 hour period. It. Gets. Old. Some will argue this is just what happens every year,… Read more »

Nametag Day

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Why is there a day for those dumb little paper stickers we all hate at meetings and reunions? It’s not REALLY about the tag, but rather the name itself.  As more and more of our lives are in the cloud, we become less and less connected to the people right in front of us.  Many of us don’t know the… Read more »

It’s Official

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A couple days ago I got a letter from my doctor’s office with the results of my recent blood work.  Along with the normal blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. I got a note that I am now post menopausal.  Last year I was peri menopausal, so this is a change. I thought it was a change I would be happy to… Read more »