Get Over It

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No really, Just get over it.  Because today is Get Over It Day.

In 2001 Jeff Goldblatt, an entrepreneur from Atlanta, started the Rejection Hotline.  This was a service that allowed people to break up with or say no to a date with someone via automated phone message.   Ironically, this same man created Get Over It day in 2004 because he has having a hard time dealing with a break up himself.

Karma aside, we all have things we hang on to long past their expiration dates.  Maybe it’s a grudge.  Maybe it’s a torch for an old flame.  Maybe it’s misplaced guilt, or guilt that stopped having any reason to exist decades ago.  Maybe it’s actual things that don’t serve a purpose in your world any longer.  Maybe it’s the hope of that relationship that is never going to happen.  Maybe it’s a bad habit.

Whatever your thing is, today is the day to decide to let it go.  The ways to go about that are as varied as the things we need to let go of themselves.  It could be prayer.  It could be picking up the phone to that long-lost friend.  It could be donating items to charity.  It could be burning something (safely of course).  It could be talking to a good friend or a spiritual leader or a therapist.  It could be a long drive in the country.  Whatever it is, today is the day to get that baggage out of your life forever!

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