Gifts for Who?

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Like most of the rest of you I have a few folks on my list that are difficult to shop for.   Because of this I’ve been reading a lot of gift guides online.  And most of them are ridiculous.

I found two specifically called “great gifts for brothers in law”.  One had nothing on it under $100.  Who is spending $100 on their brother in law???  The other list was less pricy, but contained only the same kinds of things every other gift list has for men- a couple tech items, and a bunch of items related to beards and booze.

I understand that most of these guides are “pay to play” and companies pay to get their items on them.   But it makes me wonder who these guides are actually FOR.   Are there actually people spending $100 on their brother in laws?  Are there entire families out there those men all have immaculate facial hair and 20 year old whiskeys in glass decanters at the ready?

And what DO you get your brother in law for Christmas anyway?




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