Good Neighbor Day

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Today is Good Neighbor Day.

Do you know your neighbors?  Today I don’t mean this in the Biblical sense, but the literal- i.e. the people who live closest to you.  The larger the city you live in, the less likely the answer to this question is “yes”.  If that applies to you, today is the perfect day to change that!

Even if you like in a small town like I do, there are people living close by you probably don’t know.  Someone new may have moved in.  Maybe YOU just moved in.  This is a great day to introduce yourself!

This is especially important when it’s the hardest.  Maybe your neighbor doesn’t look like you.  Maybe there is a language barrier.  Maybe their food smells weird to you.  But that doesn’t mean you should stay strangers.   Go say hi.  You might be starting up a beautiful friendship!

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