Good Things Come in Threes

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Top 10 lists are just too long for me.  Top 3 lists are more my speed- ha.

Top 3 Ignorant Things to say about Obama

#3 He’s Muslim.  Michele’s official portrait features her in a sleeveless dress.  That pretty well puts it to bed right there, but if you need more-  He was sworn in on a Bible twice and just gave a eulogy in a Christian church- two things no self-respecting Muslim would do.

#2 He was born in Kenya.  Not only isn’t this true, but even if it was it wouldn’t matter since his mother was a US citizen.  John McCain was born in Panama and not one person complained about that.

#1 He lied about his approval of marriage equality.  No he didn’t.  He changed his mind about it since 2007, just as 40% of the rest of the country did.  As I did.  

Top 3 Reasons why defending the Confederate Flag is dumb
(although I do think it was stupid to pull Dukes of Hazard off the air)

#3 The South lost the war.  Usually when you lose a war you have to take down your insignia.  

#2 Agreeing with Neo Nazis and white supremacists?  Not exactly a crowd I want to associate with.

#1 The swastika originated as a sacred Hindu symbol for austerity . Ask a Jewish person how they’d feel about bringing those flags back.

Top 3 Reasons why Fighting Marriage Equality is wrong

#3 It’s not mandatory.  You can still marry another straight person, or not marry anyone at all.  You can still believe whatever you want and teach your kids whatever you want.

#2  The United States is the 21st nation to make marriage equality the law. In NONE of the other 20 countries are pedophilia, bigamy or bestiality legal. 

#1 It’s in direct violation of the Constitution.  The First Amendment to be exact.  Freedom of religion means freedom for ALL religions, not just Evangelical Christians.

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