Green Eggs and Idiots

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This week was an exciting one in the world of the easily angered.   The Q crowd had yet another letdown when none of the predictions made for March 4th happened.   Andrew Cuomo apparently has no idea how to interact with women.  Hasbro isn’t really dropping the name Mr. Potato Head, but people thought they were and lost their minds for reasons that are not at all clear.

But the biggest story setting people’s heads on fire and keyboard into overdrive appears to be that the estate of Dr. Seuss announced they were discontinuing the publishing of 6 rather obscure titles because of racially insensitive content.   That’s right.  The folks making money on the sale of these books decided to stop publishing 6 titles because they felt it was the right thing to do.  They weren’t forced to do it.  No angry Twitter mobs demanded it.  No Senator suggested it.  They, of their own volition, decided money wasn’t as important as doing the right thing.  No one is calling for any books to be burned or banned.

What I find most amusing about the online anger over this is that if any one of these knuckleheads took 2 minutes to read about the life of Dr. Seuss they would probably hate him.  He was a bleeding heart liberal who was a tireless supporter of FDR.  He was a college dropout. His first book was titled “A Pocket Guide to Boners”.  He only started writing children’s book at age 50 as a compromise with his publisher- he never intended to write more than a couple, but they sold so well he was force to continue.  He cheated on his first wife while she was fighting a terminal illness, leading to her suicide (she specifically mentions this in her note), and then married the other woman shortly afterwards.   In other words, he was hardly someone who would normally be a hero to the people singing his praises this week.

So, if you are all up in arms over Dr. Seuss this week let me tell you one thing- you look like a moron.   Facebook memes are not an accurate source of information.   If you are old enough to read things more robust than Dr. Seuss’ books you should know this by now.  Come on.  You can do better.

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