I Don’t Care

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Every day we are inundated with things we are supposed to care deeply about.  Of course we should care about big issues like climate change and human rights violations, but I’m not talking about those kinds of things.

I’m talking about the much smaller issues that manage to get folks really riled up.  Of course we are all going to care about different things because we all have our own life’s worth of history and experiences to base our views on.  But no one can care about everything deeply without having a nervous breakdown.  So, here are few issues that, while very important to some folks, I just don’t have the energy / desire to get worked up about:

#1 Women not being allowed to be topless in public.   I cannot get excited about this supposed oppression of women.  I don’t think this is the work of the patriarchy that must be abolished for women to be free.  I don’t want to have to buy that much more sunscreen.

#2 Team mascots that are “offensive”.  This was a big issue 20 years ago or so – many high schools and colleges with mascot names like Indians, Fighting Sioux, etc.  changed their names to something else.  It seems this topic has come up again in some places.  But this push was led almost entirely by white people then, and it now as well.  Actual Native Americans didn’t / don’t care.  So I’m not going to either.

#3 Anything involving this new breed of “social media influencers”.  These people who live for likes and seemingly have no skills other than posting selfies.    And yes, I would include anyone named Kardashian in this group.  They aren’t trying to raise awareness of any cause.  They aren’t trying to educate you.  They are just trying to get you to like their pictures and then go out and buy whatever stupid crap someone pays them to pretend they like.  Or even worse, trying to get YOU to pay for the crap they actually want but can’t get for free.  No thank you.

What issues that your friends care about just leave you cold?  What popular topic do you find dull?  Let’s talk about it!


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