If Not Now, When?

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At the time I’m writing this there have been 2 mass shootings in the US in the past 48 hours.  I pray there isn’t another by the time this goes live.

While I do believe prayer is powerful and can move mountains, anyone with an IQ higher than their show size should have figured out by now that thoughts and prayers alone aren’t going to fix this issue.  It’s time for real gun control in this country.

As I’ve stated MANY times, I’m not against hunting or shooting sports or antique gun collectors.  I’m against Joe Blow down the block being able to high powered guns that are clearly not intended for recreational use.  There is simply no legitimate reason for anyone outside of law enforcement or the military to have access to military grade weaponry.  No one is using these kinds of guns to hunt deer or turkeys or elk- the only thing you are hunting with those kinds of guns are people.    Period.

I’ve heard all the arguments against gun control, but they just keep sounding more and more self-serving and ridiculous as the body count piles up.  Sure, I might be able to take out a few people with a knife, but not 26 plus injure 20 more in a few minutes.  Sure, I could probably take out one or two people with a sweat sock full of gravel.  But again, there’s no way I would be able to take out 10+ people in less than 2 minutes without something a lot more powerful than that.  And yes, someone did once kill a bunch of people with a truck of fertilizer.  That happened once.  Gun violence happens, well, almost daily now.

So don’t tell me about your 2nd amendment rights.  Go tell someone who lost their mother, their son, their brother or their grandmother to a mass shooting.  Extol the virtues of our gun loving culture to someone burying a child lost to a stray bullet.  Go tell a kid whose father isn’t coming home because someone decided to go on a shooting spree at Wal-Mart how important it is for you as an American that you can purchase body armor piercing bullets (which are illegal in some states, but not all).   And if you can’t do that, then you have no leg to stand on with anyone else either.

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