In Defense of Men

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Turn on any TV sitcom.  Almost without fail the dad is clueless and clumsy and the mom is smart and sophisticated.  And that couple’s daughters will be smarter than their sons to boot!

Read any women’s magazine.  You’ll find this month’s tips on getting that clueless boyfriend or spouse you have to help you out around the house, make nice with your mother and be better in bed.

Drive down the highway and look at billboards. Other than David Beckham in his underwear (Thank you God!) there are no signs of scantily clad men pitching their wares but there sure are a lot of half naked women enjoying cold beer out there.  

Get any group of normal, everyday women talking and it won’t take long for the conversation to get around to someone having a story to tell about her own hapless husband who would be broke, wearing the same pair of dirty underwear daily and having every STD known to man if not for her miraculous appearance into his life.

As far as I can tell, in today’s world all men are morons, helpless without the tireless work of the knowing women in their lives. Really?  Is this what Gloria Steinem had in mind in the 60’s? Whatever happened to gender equality?  Men and women on equal footing, respecting each other and working together as equals?  Anyone remember that concept?

I do.  My husband is a smart, ambitious, talented man who balances me.  He’s good at things I’m not.  We have an awesome relationship based on mutual respect, trust and love.  If you don’t have that in your own marriage then I pity you. 

Are there creeps out there?  Of course.  But about half of them are women.  Saying all men are (insert insult here) makes as much sense as saying all left handed people are (insert insult here).  It’s ignorant.

So how about we lay off the man bashing for Father’s Day weekend? And then when the sun continues to rise in the East we keep it up?  Think about it.

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