International Child Free Day

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And here I thought Pizza Day was the best one ever!  Nope- it gets even better.  Today is International Child Free Day.  Not just in Iowa.  Not just in the United States.  The entire planet is celebrating the phenomenon that is a child free person today!

This celebration was first held in 1973 sponsored by the National Organization for Non-Parents in support of of their campaign to give acceptance and support to adults who, for one reason or another, were childless.  This organization was disbanded in 1982, but the movement is still active.  There is an International Child Free Day website and an annual contest for the Childless Man and Woman of the year.  It’s too late to nominate for 2017, but if anyone wants to submit me for 2018 the link is:

As I’ve said many times before, I sometimes feel like being a non-parent is the one group of people left that it’s socially acceptable to mock.  And we don’t deserve it.  If you are a parent and it works for you that’s awesome for you.  I love my life just the way it is and you should be just as happy that I’ve found what works for me.

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