Isn’t it Ironic

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Today is Memorial Day.  A day to honor the men and women who paid the ultimate price defending our nation.   A solemn day.

Some think of today in terms of sales.  If you go online or watch TV or pick up a newspaper you will see that this is a great weekend to “honor America” by purchasing a new mattress.  No.  Just no.

However, I find it sadder, and a more than a little ironic, when the folks who feel the need to post large numbers of badly photoshopped banners reading  “Home of the Free Because of the Brave” clearly they have little idea what that actually means.

Posting pretty pictures doesn’t make you a good citizen.   Worshipping the flag, the bald Eagle, or any other symbol of our country doesn’t either.

If you truly are proud to be home of the free then you have to live it every day.  Our constitution doesn’t just guarantee freedom for people who look and think just like you.   You have to respect folks who chose to worship differently than you.  You have to respect the rights of folks who choose to dress differently than you.  You have to honor the rights of everyone to have their opinion heard and debated.

If you demand these rights for yourself but deny them to others you aren’t a patriot.  You are the opposite of everything you claim to represent.  You’re a bigot.   You’re a hypocrite.  You are disrespecting the very things that really DO make America great.

Isn’t that ironic?


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