It Needs Repeating

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Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day.

Yes, I have shared this celebration in past years.  But, the stigma against black cats has not gone away.  Once again, animal welfare organizations have issued warnings to owners of black cats to make sure to keep them indoors in the days leading up to Halloween.  Once again, black cats are the least likely to be adopted out of shelters, and the most likely to be euthanized (mostly for that reason).

As you are well aware, I currently share my home with 3 black beauties.  One of them has managed to get between me and my keyboard as I type this!  They are most certainly not bad luck.  They are just as awesome- perhaps even more- than cats of other colors.   They are amazing little house panthers.  Who wouldn’t want a house panther?

So, the next time you look to add a furry companion to your home, I urge you to consider a black feline.   Not only will you be getting a great companion, but you are giving everyone in your sphere of influence proof positive how silly all the negativity against black cats really is.

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