It’s Getting Old

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It’s getting old- this having to defend my position on any “hot button” topic.  Don’t get me wrong- I’m all for debate and the exchange of ideas when it’s done in a calm, respectful position. I often state that I want, in fact welcome, commentary and I truly mean that as long as it’s done in a mature manner.

However, we live in a country and a world where having a mature conversation about anything of substance is almost impossible.  I have forced to unfollowed / unfriended people I’ve known for decades on social media for their inability to put forth their viewpoints in ways that are respectful, tasteful, or even coherent.  I’ve been attacked online by people I thought I knew well simply for having a different position than them on a complex social issue.

Today we honor all the brave men and women who paid the ultimate price defending our country.  I wonder what the brave souls who died at Normandy or in Vietnam, or anywhere else would think of what this country’s become.  They deserve better than what we are today, that’s for sure.

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