Kitty Love Hurts

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This past week was a rough one for me, even though it saw a plan come to a completely successful completion.

This past week all 3 of our surprise kittens went to wonderful forever homes.   To say I got emotional would be an understatement.

I knew it would be better for all involved parties if I was not at home when the new families picked up their kitten.  Ugly crying would just make it awkward for everyone.  And boy did I ugly cry.  I cried a LOT.  I cried in my car.  I cried at work.  I cried in the shower.  I cried in my bedroom.  I cried in just about every room of my house.  I cried like a 14 year old who just got dumped for the first time.  I cried like my best friend just died.  I cried like I haven’t cried in a very long time.  I’m crying right now.

I thought I mentally prepared myself at least a little bit for this, since this was the plan since before the kittens were even born.  I knew I would miss them like crazy.  I knew Lilly would be upset and that would upset me.   I thought by not naming them (we called them Black Kitty, Striped Kitty, and Gray Kitty) I wouldn’t get as attached.  But in just 8 and a half weeks those three little goofballs wormed their way into my heart so deep that letting them go was more difficult than I could have possibly imagined.

But even though it was so hard, it absolutely was the right thing to do.  There was no way we were going to abandon Lilly once we realized she was pregnant.  There was no way we were going to let harm come to her kittens.  There was no way we could give 6 cats all the love and attention they deserve.  So the babies had to spread their wings and fly.

And fly they have!  All three families have given excellent reports on how well their kittens are doing and how fast they are adjusting to their new homes.  Black Kitty is now Socks, Grey Kitty is now Georgie, and Striped Kitty is now Sugar (Cookie) (she was named by her new best friend, a 6 year old girl).   They are all eating, using the litter pan, playing, cuddling, and generally being their funny, lovable selves.  Which is exactly what we wanted.


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