Kitty Update and Thanks!

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Last week I asked for help integrating a third cat into my home.  Thank you to everyone who sent me tips!  I got answers by Facebook, text, even Twitter!

I am very happy to report that we have made amazing strides in the past week and we are well on our way to a happy 3 cat household!

Boots (the new cat) is 100% at home here in Casa Palmer.  She is a cuddle bug, she loves watching TV with us and even got along well with my 12-year-old nephew.  Hershey, our senior cat at 15, is getting along amazing with Boots far exceeding all expectations.  Pumpkin (age 10), the cat we expected to adjust the best, hasn’t come around 100% yet, but she has come a long ways in the past week.  She is tolerating Boots – even when Boots gets on the bed, which is Pumpkin’s favorite place in the entire world.

We had zero litter pan issues, no fights, and the only one who bled was Pat, but we understand that Boots just bit because she was very scared – it happened only a couple of hours after she first arrived.  There has been some hissing and growling, but that’s to be expected and the amount of it has plummeted in the last few days.

So, thank you everyone for all the advise and kind words.  I appreciate you all so so much!!

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