Man Plans, God Laughs, Kittens Mew

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Just a couple weeks ago I introduced you to our newest cat, Lilly.  We were 90% sure she was pregnant by then.  I held off on saying anything about it because she was going to the vet on July 26th for a prenatal check and I wanted to make sure everything was OK before “going public”.

Well.  2 things happened last Friday (the 23rd).

#1 I woke up feeling miserable and wound up spending most of the in the morning in pursuit of a COVID test.  It was negative- yay!  But I REALLY felt lousy after that and just wanted to spend the rest of the day in my bed.

#2 I woke up from a nap a few hours later and I was soaking wet.  It wasn’t sweat and it wasn’t urine.  Lilly’s water had broke.  On me.  Thankfully I had set up a nesting box a few days earlier (a cardboard box with an opening on one side and some towels on the bottom) and I was able to get her to into it before her first kitten was born.   Her second kitten was born very soon after the first, and a third came about 90 minutes later.

So far mother and babies all seem to be doing well.   We are checking on them frequently and of course they are sequestered away from our other cats.

This was not the weekend I planned at all.   But you know what they say……..

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