Mascot Mayhem

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A local school board recently voted to start the process to change their mascot.  Currently it’s the Mohawks, so it’s certainly time.   And of course, because that’s just how we are as a nation now, there is a small but vocal group who are angry about this.

And just to add a layer of crazy to this, the Facebook group for these nuts has suggested showing up a a school board member’s home at 11pm demanding to discuss this as a form of protest.  What the actual fuck?  I am hard pressed to think of a dumber way (that doesn’t involve any felonies)  to facilitate discussion.

Then again, what is there to discuss?  It’s well past time to retire Native American related mascots.  In Minnesota high schools did it 25+ years ago.  This isn’t a new idea.  The only reason to keep it is some variation of “we’ve always done it this way”, which is a terrible reason to do anything.  Yes, it’s true that many college and pro teams have yet to make the change, but some of them have and more will in the near future. Washington Football Team anyone?

If anyone has a real, legitimate reason why changing a high school mascot is a cause worth getting arrested for, please let me know.  Because I sure can’t think of any.


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