Miracle on Main Street

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Something happened last weekend that I never expected to happen. In fact, it was something that I swore for years would NEVER happen, even if I were offered cash to do it.


I went to a class reunion. And even more amazing- I had a great time!


I have been actively avoiding the high school part of my past ever since, well, Graduation Day. And I had all kinds of reasons why. But the bottom line is that I thought I had more unpleasant memories of high school that good ones so why should I torture myself that way? Makes perfect sense.


But then about a year ago something happened- I joined Facebook. And I found and was found by people who knew me back in my big haired, purple eyelinered days. And these people acutally wanted to talk to me! But I was still not convinced.


Then I got invited to my 20 year reunion. And then I got in touch with one of the planners and actually helped find a few MIA classmates. And then I sent in my RSVP with a check. And then that check cashed. And then the day arrived. And then I walked in hyperventilating. And then….


The first person I saw was a guy I rode the bus with for years who I’d stopped talking to our senior year over a silly harmless prank. And he was just as happy to see me as I was to see him. All of a sudden six hours (and a fair amount of Bacardi) had gone by and I had had a wonderful night spent with people who didn’t seem to think I was a dork anymore- or that I ever had been.




What’s next? Peace in the Middle East? My father getting a cell phone? ANTHING is possible in this strange new world!



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