Mommy and Me

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Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Social media was full of folks praising their own moms and wives, often accompanied by photos of said moms, both old and new.  And that was fun- especially some of the older ones!  But, social media being what it is, it’s often tough to know who’s being 100% genuine and who’s embellishing to get likes.  I’m not saying this to be cynical, it’s just the truth of what social media IS.

I usually don’t post a lot on Mother’s Day.  Not because I don’t love my mom, because I do.  Not because she didn’t do the best job she could of raising me, because she did.  But, she and I don’t have a Hallmark Card kind of relationship.  She’s not my best friend.  She isn’t the first person I go to for advice.  We don’t share clothes.   We talk, but not every day and not about everything.  And that’s OK.

There are women who are shocked and aghast at the very suggestion that Mom and I are not besties.   If you have that kind of relationship with your Mom I guess it would be hard for you to understand that not everyone has- or even wants- that with their mother.  But I suspect that there are WAY more women like me out there – ones with the sometimes complicated, sometimes stressed, sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating, always real relationships with the woman who brought them into the world.  And that’s OK for ALL of us, in spite of what Hallmark or Facebook tells you.  Even on Mother’s Day.

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