One Year of Mayhem

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Last week marked the one year mark of Lilly being a member of our family.

I don’t remember exactly how I came up with the name Lilly for her. Maybe I knew more than I realized, because lately I have suggested that Lilly is actually short for Little Miss Mayhem.

She still has very much a kitten’s personality and energy level.  She is still finding new places to climb into/ onto.  She still enjoys “testing gravity”  AKA knocking things off shelves, tables, etc. for no obvious reason.  She recently appears to have discovered her tail as a plaything for the first time.  She is still very small- I doubt she’s much over 6 pounds.   And of course who can forgot the mayhem she caused last year when we discovered we had not rescued one kitten from the mean streets – we had really rescued four kittens

So here’s to many more years of fun with our Silly Lilly!

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