Rapid Fire Segment

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I have a lot of thoughts/ pet peeves flying around my head right now so I’ve decided that instead of trying to pick one to flesh out into a full entry I will get them all out there at once. I will warn you now- I am all over the map here!

#1. When did the kids I used to babysit and teach in my Sunday School classes grow up? And why are they all having babies this year? Excuse me while I go put tennis balls on my walker and wait by the mailbox for my Social Security Check while muttering to my 10 cats…….

#2 Speaking of Social Security- can we all stop blaming the the political party of choice for our problems? Neither one gets it right (or wrong) all the time and it’s just a stupid label anyway (see my previous blogs on the flat out stupidity of the political party structure in this country). The Auto industry bail out, the Financial industry bail out and a law to require health insurance were all originally Republican ideas. Just remember that the next you feel like bashing EITHER party for their supposed crimes against America.

#3 I have friends from all over the political and religious spectrum and I love how we are able to talk about our differences in a calm, civilized, respectful way (well, most of the time anyway). Can you imagine how great our nation and/ or planet would be if this was the norm? Sadly, we seem to be getting worse in that area and not better. Wasn’t the internet supposed to make us all one big family?

#4 I am amazed and proud of how respected my father is by his neighbors, peers, etc. He is still the unchangeable person I love that he was when I blogged about him a year ago. While Dad certainly doesn’t approve of everything I do and say I could not have asked for a better father and role model in my life.

#5 I’m not ashamed to say that my husband truly is my best friend. A lot of people say that about their spouse but I really mean it!

Well this was kind of fun. I may use this format again in the future- you will just have to stay tune to find out šŸ˜‰

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