Smart is Cool Day

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Today is a day I wish would have been around when I was a kid- It’s Smart is Cool Day!

I was bullied a lot in school, and frequently my supposed superior smarts were a target.  While I most certainly did NOT feel this way, I was told that I felt “better than” because schoolwork often came easily to me.  It was fine for boys to be smart, but not girls.

Thankfully this opinion is less popular today, but it still persists.  There are still far fewer women than men in many STEM fields (except medicine for some unknown reason).  There are still idiots who don’t think women are suited for positions of power in the corporate world or in public service in places like the White House.

Now don’t think I’m male bashing.  It’s just as important for boys to be proud of being smart too!  We need to make sure all the kids in our lives know that being smart is a good thing and a way better thing than being pretty or good at sports or having a ton of followers on Instagram.   And today is a good day to make sure they hear it from you.

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