Still Can’t See the Forest For the Trees Can We?

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I am continually amazed by the failure of people around me to grasp what’s important.  And it gets really depressing sometimes.  Here are a few recent examples that really get my goat.

Exhibit A:     The obscene amount of debt couples are willing to take on to have flaunt the biggest engagement ring on the block, the “wedding of their dreams”,  or both.  I’ve been to enough weddings to know that lovely events can and do happen on shoestring budgets every day.  If your biggest concern about your marriage is the size and grandeur of the proposal and/ or wedding itself, do yourself AND your beloved a favor and break up with them right now- you are too immature and selfish to be married.  

Exhibit B:     We can all read a calendar and are well aware that Christmas is coming.  There is no need for retailers to put up Christmas trees and start playing Christmas carols November 1st or sooner.   You do not have to make it so blatantly obvious we are all just walking wallets to you.  We already know that, so stop claiming you care about the “Spirit of the Season”.  Even worse, some shoppers (like myself) find this so annoying we choose to spend our hard earned money someplace else for several weeks.  Ever heard of Thanksgiving?  Google it.  

Exhibit C:    Single issue voters.  There are a myriad of big issues that affect us right now regardless of what county you live in. Issues like the economy, the unemployment rate and the deficit are problems in most “civilized” countries right now.  So it stuns me when I hear people proudly choosing to vote based solely on one soundbite on a candidate’s opinion on marriage equality, gun control, or the like. There is nothing wrong with feeling strongly about those issues, but please take the time to get well informed on ALL the issues.  It’s your responsibility as a voter.  Ditto to those who always vote a straight party line without putting any thought into it beyond who’s paying for that candidate’s ads.

We can do better than this people!

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