Take your Plant Where?

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Believe it or not, today it Take your Houseplant for a Walk Day.

Today is a day to, if you want, literally take your cactus or ivy with you for a stroll around the block.  If you have a lot of plants, you’ll probably want to use a wagon or wheelbarrow.

You may be asking “why on Earth would anybody do something so weird”?  Well, as is the case with most very odd holidays, there IS a method behind the madness.  The idea is that, by taking that African violet with you on your daily walk, someone will ask you way.  And that’s when you get to share your expertise on indoor plant care.  If you aren’t that brave, you can also share your knowledge online – perhaps along with photos of your greenery.

I personally have a black thumb, so this is one day I will not be participating in.  But I’m REALLY hoping I see someone carting a cactus down my street today!

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