The Long and Winding Road

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If you haven’t already, make a point of going to see the movie “Yesterday”.  It’s a fun film about a struggling singer/ songwriter who wakes up one day to find himself the only person who remembers the Beatles and decides to capitalize on it.  Sure, it’s kind of predictable and a little cheesy, but it’s a fun summer movie.  I know several people who’ve seen it twice!  I even know someone who enjoyed it with a hangover!  (OK, yes, that was me)

Maybe not everyone’s brain does this, but certain songs have VERY specific memories attached to them for me.  Some time ago I wrote that for over two decades I would change the channel/ fast forward/ skip one specific Bon Jovi song (I’ll Be There For You) because it held such bad memories for me.

Well, once upon a time- my senior year of high school and first semester of college –  I dated a guy I met at band camp (insert your own jokes here).  There were a lot of significant relationship firsts with him.  He was the first boy I ever said “I love you” to.  He was the first boy to tell me I was beautiful.   And yes, he was a Beatles fanatic.  He made me stacks of mix tapes (this was circa 1990) full of Beatles songs.   So of course in my mind that time in my life, with all its ups and downs and firsts, is forever tied to the Fab Four.

So, for almost 30 years I can’t say I’ve avoided the Beatles, but I didn’t actively seek them out either.  I certainly never tuned into the Beatles channel on SiriusXM.  However, after I enjoyed “Yesterday” so much I decided to give it a go.  Turns out it’s pretty good stuff!  And yes, a couple songs did unearth memories I hadn’t thought of since HW Bush was in office.   But for the most part I’m able to smile now thinking back to that time in my life when things were so much simpler and I thought I had it all figured out.

And yes, I did a little Facebook stalking- I am only human after all.  He is married with two lovely kids and is a professor.  And I hope he still listens to the Beatles.


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