The Magic Days

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It’s that magical time of year when time bends in unusual ways.  And I’m not talking about the short days.  I’m talking the complete and utter lack of meaning to days of the week.

Especially this year with Christmas Day being on a Saturday many folks have longer weekends and those extra days off are confusing the heck out of everyone.  No lie- at a recent family gathering we spend more than 2 seconds trying to figure out if it was Friday or Saturday (turns out it was Friday, but in our defense it was 10pm when we had this discussion).  I also had a conversation with my husband about when I go back to work – he thought I had Monday the 27th off- I don’t 🙁

Weirdly, this is part of what I love about the holidays.  I love the end of December when it feels like every day has something special right around the corner.  I love the leftovers, I love the sharing of family photos, even the cheesy ones in matching PJs.  I love the casual days at work.  I love feeling that Christmas magic for a few more days.  And I encourage you to do the same!



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