The Old Normal

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I think I speak for all of us when I say that if I never hear the phrase “The New Normal” ever again it would be just fine.  This past year has been very difficult for everyone.  COVID 19 has become a bigger part of our lives than anyone could have imagined 12 months ago.

But there are finally glimmers of hope that we might be rounding the corner.   I went back to the office (again) on March 1st.  It’s been an adjustment, but far and away a good one.  On March 19th I am getting my first vaccination shot and my husband is getting his first shot on March 16th.  We actually went to a live event the other day!  Granted, it was a socially distanced, masked up, small gathering to see Maddie Poppe – winner of season 16 of American Idol – but it was live!  In a place other than my house!  With actual other people (at safe distances)!   It felt so good.

There are all kinds of predictions of when we will be able to be more or less back to a pre-2020 existence.  July 4th seems to be fairly common.  That seems a long ways away, but then you realize we are already more than halfway through March –  July will be here before we know it.   And yes, things can certainly change for the millionth time, but as more and more folks get vaccinated we get closer and closer to the way things used to be.

The old normal.  Just think about it.  Live sports.  Live music.  Extended family gatherings.  Movies in theaters.  Samples at Costco and Ulta.  Hugs.  I don’t know about you, but I sure am looking forward to having those things in my life again.

PS Get vaccinated!!!

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