The Rainbow of Personality

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How often have you heard someone say “Well, their true colors finally came out”?  I seem to be hearing a lot lately and I’ve noticed that there are two scenarios that lead to this statement.

#1 Someone you know well- perhaps a family member- has been acting quote differently around certain people or groups of people in order to appear better or gain favor.  Then something happens, the facade is dropped, and everyone is in the know.

#2 Two people get into a heated argument.  One person lashes out and says the most hurtful thing possible.  The other tells everyone and claims they have finally discovered someone’s true nature.  This is the one I take issue with.

We’ve all been angry.  We’ve all been hurt.  And, we’ve all been forced to interact with others when we were in one (or both) of these states.  Who of us can honestly say that we have never said anything terribly mean and nasty when under duress.  Was that who you truly are?  Of course not. Sad, angry and scared people lash out just like any other animal.  But unlike animals, we will usually wind up feeling awful the next day over our words and/ or actions.

So, in this season of happiness and good will towards men let’s all take a step back and make sure we didn’t judge anyone unfairly this year.  We all have bad days.  Extend an olive branch to that person you argued with.  It’s the right thing to do and the right time to do it.

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