The Thankful List- 2013 Edition

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This is the 2nd edition of my yearly list of things I am thankful for.  I think this is a great exercise for everyone to do and Thanksgiving time is the perfect time to do it.  This year I am challenging myself to list 25 blessings in my life without duplicating anything from last year’s list.  You can check that list out here: as of course I am still grateful for all of those things too.

So here are this year’s nominees in no particular order:

#1 NFL Football.  I love watching football, talking about football, playing fantasy football, reading about fantasy football, etc.  One unexpected benefit of this love is how it’s helped me professionally- it’s helped me solidify relationships with male sales reps and customers by giving us something else to talk about.
#2 Satellite radio.  Makes my commute so much more enjoyable!
#3 Immanuel Lutheran Church (aka the Freedom church).  The church I was baptised and confirmed in, the church my dad’s entire family attends, the church you will find me at every Christmas Eve.

#4 DVRs.  Excluding live sporting events I prefer to watch recorded TV shows now.  Even more so this time of year when commercials suggest that everything from crock pots to screwdrivers “make great gifts!”

#5 Eyeglasses. I do like being able to see where I’m going and I cannot do contacts.

#6 My hysterectomy.  It’s been 4.5 years since my surgery, and while I’m not glad I had a condition that required the procedure I love seemingly having a slightly larger bladder and that Aunt Flo no longer visits me.

#7 Clinical strength deodorant.  No explanation required.

#8 Farmers.  Most of my dad’s family are farmers, quite a few of my mom’s relatives are too.  I grew up on a farm.  And, I like food.

#9 10 years of private piano lessons.  There were times I thought I hated them and wanted to quit.  Looking back I’m so glad my parents never let me.

#10 Midwest Wireless.  This company doesn’t exist anymore, but while it did and I worked for them I met my husband, my best friend Lisa and so many other great people. I think MW alumni make up a third of my Facebook friends.

#11 Animal shelters.  The best place to find your new best friend.  As I write this my baby girl Pumpkin is curled up on my lap purring and we are celebrating 7 years since she left the shelter and became part of our family.

#12 The recent advances in mental health treatment.  I take Paxil every day and I have for years.  It’s amazing how much better I feel every day because of it.  I also spent a few years in therapy and I highly recommend it to everyone.

#13 My sister.  We are the same height but polar opposites in every other way- both physically and mentally. Even though we frequently baffle each other with the choices we make at the end of the day we totally have each others’ backs. She was my very first friend and playmate.  And of course she is the mom of my two favorite little people- my niece and nephew.

#14 The 21st Century.  I am so glad I live in this era.  I don’t have children, I have short hair, and I’m very opinionated.  I cannot imagine living without modern conveniences like indoor plumbing, and thankfully, I don’t have to.

#15 Frito Lay.  I have a love/ hate relationship with this company. But, cheez spelled with a “z” is one of my favorite food groups and they do it better than anyone.

#16 Hair dye.  Knowing my hair color is a great flattering shade for me AND that all my grey hairs are hidden is a huge confidence boost.  And I LOVE the scalp massage I get during the coloring process.  

#17 Metalcraft.  My current employer.  I like what I do and the brand spanking new building I get to work in.  I work with some great people.  I have a low stress commute.  The company is growing, so I feel I have great job security.  I’m lucky.

#18 My mother.  Yes, she drives me nuts.  Yes, I complain about her more than I probably should.  But, she and my dad have been happily married for almost 45 years and I look up to that so much.  When my sister and I were kids there wasn’t much money, but she always made sure we had plenty to eat and to wear and never felt deprived. When I was in middle school she began sewing vet supplies at home and after 3 years I found out it was so that I could get the braces I desperately needed. 

#19 Diet Dr Pepper.  Why can’t all diet pop taste this good?

#20 My sense of humor.  They say those use can laugh at themselves will always be amused, and I’m certainly living, tripping and foot removing proof of that.  

#21 The Midwest- where if you hate the weather, wait 5 minutes.  As much as I sometimes wonder why I live in a region where 95+ temps are common in the summer and -10 temps are common in the winter I really don’t think I would enjoy an 80 degree Christmas.  I also like the slightly slower pace of life here and that everyone on TV (outside of Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo) sounds like me.

#22 The Food Network.  Far and away my favorite TV channel even though I’m as likely to prepare any of the dishes demonstrated as I am to wake up tomorrow a natural blonde.

#23 Being a child of the 80s.  When I was an insecure teenager (as supposed to an insecure adult- ha) shirts, sweaters and dresses were baggy and oversized.  A blessing for a tall, akward girl who was a late bloomer.  Yes, I had cringe worthy hair and makeup, but at least my body was covered up.  I remember when Madonna dancing/ rolling on the floor in lingerie was scandalous- compare that anything Miley Cyrus has done this week.

#24 Thongs.  Because panty lines are just plain ugly no matter how you look at them.  Plus they take up less room in dresser drawers and suitcases than their granny like cousins.

#25 Having the brains, arms, and financial means to write and publish this list.  It’s easy to take that sort of thing for granted.

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