The Wonders of Writer’s Block

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There is nothing quite like writer’s block.

All week long I have had all kinds of ideas that I was excited to write about.  I didn’t jot them down anywhere because they were SO GOOD that there was no way I’d forget.  Yet here we are.  I’ve been staring at a blinking cursor for WAY longer than I care to admit, all those brilliant ideas I had 3 days ago are nowhere to be found and I feel like a total moron.  I’ve also Googled the early signs of dementia because maybe that’s why I can’t remember anything and that led to me Googling signs of brain tumors because maybe THAT’S why I can’t remember anything.

That led to me watching multiple YouTube videos of funny cockatoos to get my mind out of that death spiral.  That led me to go check on the week old kittens to make sure they are OK.  That led me to cleaning litter pans.  That led me to taking out the garbage.

And all this time, the blog idea bucket remains empty and and the 5pm Monday deadline looms.  How people do this professionally is beyond me.  Why I do this at all seems questionable today.

But hopefully next week things will come together better or at least I will have the common sense to write down a good idea when it pops into my head!

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