Ummm what?

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This past week I saw one of the stranger posts I’ve seen on Facebook in quite some time.  Someone was very upset that schools in their state were going to educate children on climate change and human’s part in it (Yes, I’m keeping the details vague on purpose).

I did not respond to that post because I simply had no idea how.  I know this person to be intelligent, thoughtful and very involved in education (although not a teacher).  I had two questions then and I still have those two questions now- maybe someone else can help me get answers:

#1 Don’t all schools teach science?  Am I to assume that currently kids are not learning about the very planet we live on?  I remember having something called Earth Science in junior high.  Is that no longer a thing?

#2 What is the end game for climate change deniers?  What is the root cause of this rage?  At least anti vaxxers, while they have their heads up their asses, have their hearts in the right place.  They genuinely think they are helping people by spreading their pseudoscience quackery.  What possible gains are there for rejecting the mere possibility that the it’s NOT just a coincidence that Earth started heating up shortly after the Industrial Revolution was in full swing?  What do you win by NOT trying to make this beautiful blue marble hospitable for future generations?

It can’t be jobs- there are more net jobs added to clean energy every 3 months than exist in coal altogether.  It can’t be the economy- more jobs grow the economy and make more happy consumers.  It can’t be religion- the Old Testament is very clear that we humans are to be good stewards of Earth during our time here.  Is it because you see it as a “left wing” issue so you have to fight it no matter what?  Or something completely different?

Seriously, I have no idea.  Anyone who wants to shed light on this please do and fast- the planet needs you!

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