Vacation Time!

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By the time you are reading this I will be a couple days into my vacation back in my happy place – Duluth Minnesota.   Yes, I’ve been there a bunch of times but that’s kind of the point.  Please see     for my thoughts on why I keep going back there.

And yes, I am going alone again.  This has taken some folks by surprise simply given the amount of time I’ve spent trumpeting the virtues of being back in the offer after close to a year of working from home.  But working along and vacationing alone are two really different things.   My solo treks to Duluth and the surrounding areas are my way to recharge.  Sure, I do a lot of touristy things and eat in the most touristy places.  But I also walk in the woods.  I color.  I write/  journal.  I float in a pool.  I just sit and enjoy the scenery.  Some of these things I could do at home,  but others I can’t.  And the ones I can do here I tend not to, or at least not very often.

Hopefully at the very moment you are reading this I’m watching a huge boat come into Duluth Harbor, or am taking in a beautiful view at Park Point.  Whatever I’m doing, know that I’m going to come back home feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of 2021!

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