What’s Working for You?

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Many of us are entering or just past a month of stay at home orders/ very strong suggestions from our mayors and/ or governors.  Everyone admits it’s hard on us psychologically, but we for the most past understand why it’s required right now.  We also understand that there is no good way to know when this “new normal” of “uncertain times” will end.  Our logical brain processes all that just fine.

However, if you’re anything like me- and even if you aren’t – that logical , analytical corner of your brain can be quickly overrun by the more emotional part.  So we get crabby.  We eat too much.  We sleep too much – or not nearly enough.  We forget to count our blessings.  We start to wallow in self pity and anxiety.

Because I am at heart a giant nerd, one thing I’m doing to try to help myself is taking a class on Coursera called “The Science of Well Being”. It’s a class taught at Yale University that is currently being offered for free online.  I’m 3 weeks in and I am learning a lot.   Is it helping me?  I guess it’s too early to tell from a purely happiness perspective, but I’m getting pride out of staying with it and for trying something new.   So from that angle, yes, I do feel a little better.

So, how are you personally combating these feelings?  What are you doing every day or every week to keep your spirits up and allow yourself to see all the great amazing things that still surround us all the time?   Let’s get a big list going!

1 thought on “What’s Working for You?

  1. Beth Ann Chiles

    I love that you are doing that course. That is a great thing. I am staying at home almost all of the time other than a weekly trip to a local rescue farm to feed the animals (all safely) . The one thing that I have been doing is writing letters to all of my mother’s friends that she has lost touch with since her dementia has worsened. Most are older, like her, and I have actually gotten a lot of responses back from my letters. I am reaching out, thanking people for their friendship with my mom and getting some really great feelings in return. Win win. Doing little things is key to keeping mentally healthy. Keep up the good work–can’t wait to hear how you feel when you finish the course!


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