Where were you?

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It seems like everywhere you turn today people are asking “Where were you 10 years ago today?”

My simple answer is that I was in my car on my way to work. I heard it on the radio and called him to have my then-husband turn on the TV and give me more info than the small town country station I had on could provide.

The longer version is that I was in my own head and it wasn’t a great place to me.

At that time I was in therapy as well as working with my doctor to get my meds properly adjusted to treat the despression and anxiety that has been with me my entire life. I was just a few months into a new job and was still working on learning everything that goes along with that. I felt double the pressure to do well there as my husband was medically unable to work. And, foremost on my mind the morning of the 11th was that my then-husband was flying out to Buffalo on 12th to attend a wedding and spend some time with his family. Unknown to anyone else we were approaching this as a trial separation to see if we should end our marriage or not.

On 9/11/01 I remember holding a coworker who was crying because she didn’t know if her good friend was OK or not (the friend was fine). I remember finding out that the FBI was very interested in the phone records of one of our customers (I worked for a cell company at the time). I remember driving home in tears and not even being sure what I was crying about. I remember walking in my house to see my now ex-husband telling me he wasn’t going anywhere for awhile.

So, that’s where I was 9/11/01.

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