No Comments on Wiiiiiiiiiiiii!

My husband and I have started a tradition that we buy ourselves a “couple gift” for Christmas. One year we went on a trip to Branson and last year we did some remodeling of our kitchen. THIS year we bought a Nintendo Wii and a Wii Fit.


We haven’t hooked up the Wii Fit yet but we have been having lots of fun with Bowling, Baseball and Tennis. In fact, we’ve played it so much in the last 3 days that we have started wondering if we are going to wear out a spot in our living room carpet!


I would be bowling right now (instead of watching my husband bowl) except for the fact that my right shoulder is a bit sore. Yes, I have a Wii related injury already…… How typical is that of me the accident-prone wonder……


In spite of that I really am enjoying the Wii and I highly recommend one to anyone who doesn’t already have one. Once we get the Wii Fit up and going I will have to let everyone know how that is going too!


Oh yeah- and Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

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