Wonderful Weirdos Day

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Today is Wonderful Weirdos Day!

For some of us, this is every day- ha!  I am accused for being weird on a semi-regular basis.  When I was younger I embraced it as a coping mechanism against bullying- you can’t make fun of me for being weird if I don’t mind calling myself that.  Now, while I don’t set out to “prove” my weirdness, I find that I’m frequently not on the same page as my peers in terms of pop culture, fashion, or many other topics.   And now, I’m actually OK with it instead of just pretending to be.

So, no matter if you are a frequent weirdo like me, or if you keep your weirdness carefully under wraps, today is the day to let your freak flag fly!  Wear that crazy sweater.  Tell that bad joke.  Admit you thought Game of Thrones was overrated.  You do you!  But be warned- you might wind up finding out that being a weirdo is OK every other day too!

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