You Never Know When Learning Will Strike!

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I am taking part in a 6 week team building training class at work. Today we talked about different personality types and how to work with people who are different than you and we took a personality test.


One thing that was cool about this particular test that there were two parts to it- one for your work personality and one for your personality outside of work. There were several surprises for me. First, I knew I was different at work than at home but I didn’t realize HOW different. Examples- my desk at work is the picture of organization but my desk at home looks like a large, paper-filled bomb went off on it. At work I pay attention to details and at home I am kind of oblivious to things- so much so that I can break my foot in my own front yard! Second, I am only the tactless wonder that some people know me as with people that I really feel comfortable with.


I was really surprised to have all of this introspection as a result of a training class. It’s even gotten me thinking about how I communicate with my mother. We are never going to be best friends- even my former shrink agrees with that- but perhaps something I learn in class can help me understand how she thinks a little better. And that is a pretty cool thing!



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