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Green Eggs and Idiots

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This week was an exciting one in the world of the easily angered.   The Q crowd had yet another letdown when none of the predictions made for March 4th happened.   Andrew Cuomo apparently has no idea how to interact with women.  Hasbro isn’t really dropping the name Mr. Potato Head, but people thought they were and lost their minds for… Read more »

Hug a GI Day

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I love simple holidays that don’t need a lot of explanation.  This is a great example of one of those- today is Hug a GI day! We all know someone who served.   Regardless if it was last year or 50 years ago, they all deserve a hug.  So stop reading this and go hug them!

The Bar Just Keeps Getting Lower

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I had really hoped that between the public backlash against the January 6th riots and Joe Biden being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States that some semblance of normalcy could come back to American politics.  That we’d stop having to deal with friends and relatives who had bought into some of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories… Read more »


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Apparently I never actually hit “publish” on last weeks’ post.  Good news is that it’s still timely, so it will be coming your way tomorrow, 2/22/21. Thanks!

Pizza Day!

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This is truly a great day to celebrate- it’s Pizza Day! Pizza is a lot older than you think.  The earliest records of pizzas are from the 10th century in Sicily!  Granted, what we now know as pizza looks very different from that.  In fact, what Italians call pizza today is a lot different than what Americans typically prepare. But… Read more »