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Junk Food Day

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Right on the heels of French Fry day last week comes Junk Food day this week! Makes sense really- summers are full of fairs and festivals and carnivals and what do you eat at those places?  Certainly not a salad!   You eat onion rings and funnel cakes and corn dogs and all kinds of other deep fried creations. So, if… Read more »

French Fry Day

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I’ve probably written about this one before, but I don’t care. Today is French Fry Day!  A day to celebrate that most lovely of potato creations! Whether you prefer yours with just salt, of if you like to dip yours in a chocolate shake, ketchup, ranch, or anything else, today is the day to enjoy a helping of your favorites!

Vacation Time!

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By the time you are reading this I will be a couple days into my vacation back in my happy place – Duluth Minnesota.   Yes, I’ve been there a bunch of times but that’s kind of the point.  Please see     for my thoughts on why I keep going back there. And yes, I am going alone again.  This… Read more »

Upsy Daisy Day

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Today you need to turn that frown upside down because it’s Upsy Daisy Day! What is that, you ask?  Upsy Daisy Day is a day to see and appreciate the good things all around you.  Instead of grumbling that you had to get up early, be thankful you have a job.  Instead of being annoyed by your kids or pets… Read more »