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Hug a GI Day

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I love simple holidays that don’t need a lot of explanation.  This is a great example of one of those- today is Hug a GI day! We all know someone who served.   Regardless if it was last year or 50 years ago, they all deserve a hug.  So stop reading this and go hug them!

Pizza Day!

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This is truly a great day to celebrate- it’s Pizza Day! Pizza is a lot older than you think.  The earliest records of pizzas are from the 10th century in Sicily!  Granted, what we now know as pizza looks very different from that.  In fact, what Italians call pizza today is a lot different than what Americans typically prepare. But… Read more »

Tater Tot Day

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Today is a good day.  Today is Tater Tot day. For years the humble tater tot was considered inferior to the french fry and was mostly seen in tater tot hot dish (or casserole depending on your place of origin) and elementary schools. Now this delectable option is showing up everywhere and it’s about damn time.  Have you ever eaten… Read more »

Cockatoos and Parrots and Videos- Oh My!

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I get a lot of (mostly) good natured grief over some of my entertainment choices.  Specifically as of late, folks find it odd/ unusual/ crazy that I have become a fan of watching YouTube videos of birds.  Most notably I am a fan of Mr Max TV- a moluccan cockatoo, and Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot- an African grey parrot,… Read more »

Bacon Day

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Everything is better with bacon.  That’s just a fact.  And today is the day to celebrate that! Almost any sandwich can be improved with bacon.  They are a tasty addition to salads and cheeses.  There are many different bacon deserts to try. And let’s not forget all of ways to wear bacon!  There are bacon prints available on aprons, T… Read more »