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Figuring out who I am

Don’t Mind Us

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If you’ve been on the internet for more than 5 minutes you’ve noticed that there is a lot of finger pointing going on between generations.  The Baby Boomers ruined the (insert resource here).  Millennials are ruining the (insert name here) industry. Gen Z doesn’t understand (insert topic here). If you are observant, you’ll notice that one generation is almost never… Read more »

10 More Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

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Several years ago I did a post very similar to this one (hence this one called 10 MORE things).  I thought since a lot has happened since then it was high time to do it again! #1 I am a very cheap date.  i.e. I cannot hold my booze at all.  A couple White Claws and I am under the… Read more »

Vacation Time!

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By the time you are reading this I will be a couple days into my vacation back in my happy place – Duluth Minnesota.   Yes, I’ve been there a bunch of times but that’s kind of the point.  Please see     for my thoughts on why I keep going back there. And yes, I am going alone again.  This… Read more »

Very Tired Blogger

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On April 16th I got my second COVID vaccine. I did not come down with a fever, chills, or headache.  I did not go into anaphylactic shock. But holy cow am I am wiped out.   I had not personally read about fatigue as a vaccine side effect before I got my shots, but now I’m reading that yes, it’s pretty… Read more »