What’s a ring worth?

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Lately I have been involved in multiple conversations about people upgrading their wedding rings. These are generally people who married young and didn’t have a lot of money for rings who now are buying themselves nicer ones. For some reason this really bothers me.


My mother acutally wore out her wedding ring and got a new band. The same thing happened to my grandmother. I obviously don’t have a problem with that- especially because neither of them added any extra diamonds or other stones to their new bands.


I don’t know why this bothers me so much but it does. I cannot imagine trading in my wedding ring for a shinier, fancier one just because I can. My wedding ring isn’t just a thing- it’s a symbol of my commitment to my husband and a tangible reminder of the day I got married. Why on Earth would I want to replace that? Why would anyone? Or am I just being overly sentimental here?


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